How Should I Do My Hair?

Hot on the heels of last weeks topic comes incorporating your hair with your veil. Now, I’m not a hairstylist or a stylist in general BUT I can observe. As females, we are graced with 3 possibilities to choose from: down, up & half-up, and close to a thousand ways to styles them. I’ve categorized last weeks veils into the three possibilities & added photos* for visuals to make it an easier read. I’m open to your suggestions and comments on what you think about my categorization or even if you have a new idea! 

Having your Hair Up

Because the birdcage covers part of your hair and part of your face, the best hairstyle is an updo. With an updo the focus is solely on you, your face, your dress. It zones in on you allowing your guests to admire your entirety rather than the venue or anyone else (not that anyone should be doing that anyways, but people get distracted easily). The updo allows you to be free of concern  with your veil. You know that it’s pinned solid into your hair or the headband is secured with extra bobby pins leaving no room for worries that it’ll come undone.


In my opinion, the elbow matches perfectly with an updo or half-up hairdo. But I prefer it with an updo for the same reasons as the flyaway. Using an elbow length veil with your hair down, your hair is either masked by the veil creating a double layer. Or you’ve got this veil that comes down halfway to your body and the remaining length is your hair (depending on how long your hair is), which in my opinion doesn’t look that elegant. With an elbow veil a variety of bun styles make the whole piece elegant.

Either Up or Down

Chapel, Mantilla Cathedral & Waltz have one thing in common – they’re one of the lengthier veils. Because of it’s length, not only can you design it intricately, you can style your hair as intricate as possible!

The Chapel is the only veil that I think leaving your hair down and styling looks best. If you look through these photos you’ll understand why I say so. It’s perfect for women with all types of hair – straight, curly or even frizzy! (like me)

Mantilla’s, although are capable to look good with your hair down, look best with it up. The only reason I say this is because of the way this veil falls. It acts as an enclosure around hair your body. You don’t want to take away from that with your hair down. Which is why going with a hair style that has your hair up keeps it composed and put together.

With the cathedral and waltz, there was no tie-breaker. These are two veils that would look amazing with your hair up or down. I honestly couldn’t pick, & you’ll see why after scrolling through these photos. They look so elegant and unique, no matter how it was done.

If you’ve got short hair, leaving you hair down with a flyaway is the best way to get the full effect. If you’ve got longer hair that goes part your shoulder blades, I’d recommend going with an updo. I’m no expert of course, but if you visualize it you’d be able to see that having hair longer than your shoulder blades down with a flyaway doesn’t have the same effect as short hair does. And lets not forget the buns work really well with this veil.

Half Up – Half Down

The last veil is your fingertip veil. This veil is the only one that pairs well with your hair half up/half down. The only catch with this is that your hair has to be shorter than the veil itself or else you’d have a situation like the elbow veil – where your hair falls past your veil.  

Truth be told, I think the key to deciding how you should do your hair for your BIG day is looking at the length of your hair and making sure you’re not choosing a veil that has your hair falling past the veil, if you want to leave it down. If you’re adamant on having your hair up for your wedding you’ve got endless options. The key to choosing a veil if you want your hair up is making sure that the veil you choose doesn’t pull on your hairstyle. You don’t want the weight of your veil to drag down your hair making it fall apart throughout the day.

I want to say thank you to everyone who’s been riding this journey of being your wedding muse since the beginning. I’ve had this blog for a month already (I KNOW I WAS SHOCKED TOO!) and there’s so many of you that enjoy my weekly posts. As always, I’m open to suggestions & comments on making this ride more eventful, feel free to shoot me a message! 



*I do not reserve the rights of these photos, credit belongs to various pinterest accounts & business owners

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